Legal knowledge is not enough by itself to represent our clients well.  The Sperry law firm provides a full roster of legal and consulting services for people in the sports, arts and entertainment business by leveraging his fifteen years of experience in the sports business, including a role as Business Manager for the Panoz Motorsports, successful positions in sales and marketing at the sports highest level and now with his own legal practice utilizing the contacts and connections developed during his career.

Our primary areas of emphasis are:

  • Structuring, drafting and negotiating a wide range of contracts, such as personal and professional services agreements, sponsorship agreements, license agreements, television and broadcast agreements, broadband and digital rights agreements, book publishing and ghostwriter agreements, agent agreements, management agreements, artist agreements, recording agreements, publishing and administration agreements, personal services and endorsement agreements, and marketing agreements
  • Helping clients develop and enforce a comprehensive strategy for protecting intellectual property, including the protection of ideas and inventions under patent and trade secret law, the protection of written and electronic documents and video content under copyright law, and the protection of a client’s image under publicity, privacy and defamation law
  • Advising clients on issues related to trademark law, including the protection and licensing of trademarks and the enforcement of rights against infringers
  • Advising clients on employment-related issues, including the drafting of employment and independent contractor contracts, enforcement of confidentiality and noncompetition agreements and resolving issues about the ownership of developments
  • Handling routine litigation matters for clients, including matters such as collection disputes and termination of athlete agreements, sponsorships or licenses
  • Assisting clients with understanding, interpreting and complying with rules of governing and sanctioning bodies
  • Representing clients in connection with the purchase and sale of teams and other companies and of other businesses and assets, as well as joint ventures and comprehensive turn-key servicing arrangements
  • Helping clients minimize sponsor and other conflicts when managing a multitude of complex sponsor and licensing arrangements
  • Working with clients in the formation, development and maintenance of foundations, charitable enterprises and other nonprofit ventures


Chris Sperry is a member of the Sports and Entertainment section of the State Bar of Georgia and a member of and volunteer for the Georgia Lawyers for the Arts.