The Sperry Law Firm provides guidance and efficiency in the formation and governance of your corporate entity. Whether you’re starting a new business or expanding your existing operation, we can provide the guidance you need to ensure compliance with all applicable laws.

We can help you with everything from
  • Advice concerning the choice of a legal entity
  • Drafting of legal formation documents, including articles of organization/incorporation, operating agreements/by-laws, and issuance of stock.
  • Review and preparation of minutes and resolutions.
  • Formation of 501(c)3 corporations, including preparation of articles, by-laws, and filing of appropriate tax forms.


Intense negotiations, contracts, and agreements prevent disputes. We will work with you to negotiate sound business deals and draft a contract so that there is no confusion about your agreement’s responsibilities, terms, and conditions. 

Matters our business lawyers handle include:

Buy/sell agreements for assets and business interest or stock
Licensing agreements
Non-disclosure and restrictive covenant agreements
Employment and contractor agreements
Product and service agreements
Profit share agreements
Management agreements, including liquor license
Lease and lease negotiations
Business dissolution
Business dispute settlement agreements

Have a solid legal foundation in place to protect your interests and secure your peace of mind.

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