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The Sperry Law Firm is dedicated to serving the needs of athletes, drivers, crew members, teams, sanctioning bodies and sports leagues in Atlanta, with a specialized focus on the motorsports industry. This commitment is evident in our extensive experience and knowledge in this niche area of law.

When it comes to sports, The Sperry Law Firm offers a range of legal services tailored to its unique needs. From contract negotiations to endorsement deals, our firm ensures that our athletes are well-represented and protected in all their legal matters. In the realm of teams and leagues, The Sperry Law Firm is a trusted ally, providing legal guidance on everything from intellectual property rights to licensing agreements. With a keen understanding of the motorsports industry, our firm helps teams and drivers manage legal concerns, allowing them to focus on their craft.

Our expertise in sports law sets us apart as a trusted resource for athletes, drivers, crew members, teams, sanctioning bodies and sports leagues in the Atlanta area. The Sperry Law Firm’s unwavering dedication to our clients’ success and well-being makes us a valuable partner in navigating legal complexities.

Comprehensive Legal Support for your Sporting Endeavors

Here at The Sperry Law Firm, we offer comprehensive legal services tailored specifically for athletes, drivers, crew members, teams, sanctioning bodies and sports leagues encompassing a wide range of important aspects within the sports industry. As leading sports lawyers and former motorsports executives, our firm specializes in providing top-notch legal representation for athletes across various disciplines.

Sports and Entertainment Lawyer


Legal knowledge is not enough by itself to represent our clients well. The Sperry law firm provides a full roster of legal and consulting services.

We are able to handle the business needs of our clients by leveraging our decades of the real-world, practical experience in the sports world.

This includes a role as Associate General Counsel and Business Affairs Manager for the Panoz Motorsports Group, successful roles in sales and marketing at the sports highest level (ALMS and NASCAR) and starting up and operating a sales and marketing agency for the motorsports and automotive industry.

This was all before opening our legal practice utilizing the contacts and connections developed in these prior roles.

At The Sperry Law Firm, we are committed to providing unparalleled legal representation for athletes, drivers, crew members, teams, sanctioning bodies and sports leagues in all aspects of their endeavors. Whether it’s contract negotiation, endorsement deals, or protecting (and leveraging) your name, image and likeness rights, our firm is here to guide and support our clients every step of the way. With our expertise and dedication, we strive to be the trusted legal partner that athletes, drivers, crew members, teams, sanctioning bodies and sports leagues can rely on for all their legal needs.

Choosing The Sperry Law Firm for you Sports Legal Needs

By combining legal expertise with a profound understanding of the business of the sports industry, our team at The Sperry Law Firm is dedicated to providing top-tier services to our clients. Our commitment to providing tailored service sets us apart, by ensuring that each client receives personalized attention and solutions that cater to their specific needs. In addition, The Sperry Law Firm boasts a wealth of expertise in these fields, enabling us to navigate complex legal and business issues with confidence and precision. By staying ahead of industry trends and changes, we adopt a proactive approach to legal challenges, anticipating potential issues before they arise and offering strategic advice to mitigate risks effectively.

Our primary areas of emphasis are:

Structuring, drafting, and negotiating a wide range of contracts

Such as personal and professional services agreements, sponsorship agreements, license agreements, commercial leases, agent agreements, management agreements, endorsement agreements, and marketing agreements.

Maintaining control of and protecting your rights

Helping clients develop and enforce a comprehensive strategy for maintaining control of and protecting your intellectual property, including the protection of ideas and inventions through restrictive covenants and trade secret law and issues related to trademark law, including the protection and licensing of image, likeness, and trademarks.


Chris Sperry is a member of the Sports and Entertainment section of the State Bar of Georgia and a member of and volunteer for the Georgia Lawyers for the Arts.

Working with The Sperry Law Firm offers unparalleled benefits in terms of personalized service, industry expertise, and a proactive approach to legal challenges. Our past achievements and client satisfaction speaks volumes about the value we bring to the table, making us a top choice for individuals and companies operating in the dynamic world of sports and entertainment.

By choosing The Sperry Law Firm, athletes, drivers, crew members, teams, sanctioning bodies and sports leagues in Atlanta can rest assured that they have a reliable partner dedicated to upholding their legal rights and ensuring their long-term success. Don’t leave your career to chance – get in touch with us today.

We have years of experience in the motorsports industry. From teams, drivers and track owners to sponsors, no matter what you need we’ve got it covered!


It is important to have a solid legal foundation in place to protect your interests and secure your peace of mind. 

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